Abstract Board games

What is an abstract board game?

In an abstract board game, strategy is more important than the theme of the game. Some times those types of games don’t have a theme. The experience of playing, strategy and tactics are more important than the story.

A lot of abstract board games are a bit like a puzzle. You need to connect game pieces to each other and have to figure out what is the best move, and what is logical. Therefore a lot of abstract board games can be played by adults but also by children. The game is easy to play and to explain en everybody can play on there own level.

A luck element is often missing from an abstract board game. There is no dice and often no cards and no hidden information.

Famous abstract board games

Some of the first board games are abstract board games. Games like chess, Go, and checkers are all abstracts. These days abstract board games are still very popular. A recent board game is Qwirkle, that has been sold all over the world.

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