Cooperative board games

What are cooperative board games?

In these type of board games you don’t play against but with your friends! You win or lose as a team. You have to work together to achieve a goal. These types of games are perfect to play with people who don’t play board games that much, because you can help them when its there turn.

Cooperative board games were first made in the 20th century and were used for educational purposes. In 1980 the first popular cooperative board game came out: Akram Horror. Still that game is seen as one of the best board games ever made. You can recognize cooperative board games also there theme. It is usually very detailed and important for the game.

A lot of cooperative board games can also be played in an competitive mode or can be played solo.

Famous cooperative board games

Akram Horror is one of the most popular games in this genre. Other cooperative board games that has been sold thousands times are: Flash Point, games from the Tiny Epic series and Pandemic.

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