What are Eurogames?

A Eurogame, also know as German-style board game, is a tabletop game that generally has no conflict or war elements. The have indirect player interaction and require planning.

Most of the time these games are easy to learn and can be played in under an hour. Every player will stay in the game for the whole time, unlike for example Monopoly where a player with no money left will be eliminated.

An other characteristic of these games is that there a more ways that can lead to victory. There are many tactics that players can use to gain the most points.

Famous Eurogames

By far the most popular Eurogame is The Settlers of Catan. The game was published in 1995 and become more famous than every other Eurogame. After that game the genre became more popular and other games like Carcasonne, Puerto Rico en Ticket to Ride came on the market.

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