Legacy Board Games

What is a Legacy Board Game?

A Legacy Board Game is a special kind of game because the game is designed to change permanently while playing. During the game, that usually takes more sessions to finish, you have to change the board to play.

The game is played with the same players over a couple of sessions. The game changes not only by looks, but also the rules can change during the game. You have to place stickers on the board, write things on cards or even destroy some of the game pieces.

Off course the down point of this all is that when you’ve played this game, you can throw it away. Therefore, some game designers made en refill pack so you can play it again. Some games also do have game boards that you can flip over to the other side to play it again.

Famous Legacy Board Games

One of the recent most popular legacy games is Charterstone. In this game you have to build a village and populate it. The game begins simple, but after a couple of sessions it will get more complicated. In total Charterstone takes up 12 sessions to play. The great thing about this game is after you finished the legacy play, the game becomes a worker placement game that can be played over and over.

A lot of famous board games have a legacy variant. Like Pandemic, Terraforming Mars and Risk.

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