The most popular board games on Kickstarter ever

Thousands of board gamers have supported one or more board game designers on Instagram and a lot of fantastic game exist because of Kickstarter. These are the most populair games funded on Kickstarter ever.

Most designers just need a couple of thousand dollars to make the game reality. A lot of them succeed, but there are also project so popular that that they have millions of dollars of support!

10. Bears vs Babies

The box of this game already stands out, because it is all fury! In this card game you create beard and other monsters that eat babies.

This game was funded with 3,215,679 dollar.

9. Joking Hazard

In this party game from Breaking Game you and your friends are finishing comic strips. A judge need to decided if the strip drawing is correct.

3,246,588 was raised for this game.

8. Conan

Four hero’s are fighting against a overlord and his minions. Battles need to be won and a combat system need to be created. This game can be played with 2 to 5 players, one is always the overlord.

This game got supported with 3,327,757

7. Massive Darkness

In this strategic board game players begin their adventure by picking a hero and pair them with a Class of their choosing. The hero goes on quests, need to kill monsters and collecting loot.

Over 3,560,640 was raised for this game

6. Gloomhaven (second print)

One of the most popular board games ever made is Gloomhaven. It is a Euro-inspired Board game where players will take on the roll of an adventurer with special skills. They travel to the dark corners of the world and need to work together to clear out dungeons.

This game, that sells around 125 dollar, was supported with 3,999,795 dollar.

5. Zombicide: Black Plague

In a medieval setting a group of survivors need to stay alive during a zombie invasion. There are more games in the Zombicide series, but Black Plague allows you to take control of paladins, dwarves, knights, powerful swords and other magical things.

was raised for this project.

4. Rising Sun

This board game is located in Japan. Each player need to lead their clan to victory, using politics. Negotiate, seek alliances and use your resources wisely. This game is crated by Eric M. Lang. He also made Blood Rage.

More than thirty thousand people backers donated a total of 4,228,060 dollar.

3. Dark Souls

‘Fast set up, long reveal’, that’s the mechanism of this game. There is some core combat, enemy behavior and strategic play involved. The publisher Steamforged Games says that this game has a high reputability.

Backers supported this game with 4,624,505 dollar.

2. Exploding Kittens

This is maybe one of the more ‘mainstream’ games also non-board gamers like to play. The game is simple: try not to pick the exploding kittens from the deck.

This game was supported with 8,782,571 dollar!

1. Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5

The game isn’t out yet, but already it is the most popular game ever on Kickstarter. Kingdom Death Monster is a massive cooperative board game about survival in a nightmare horror-world. The game contains beautiful minitiatures.

Already more than 19,000 people supported this game, and 12,3939,139 dollar is pledged.

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