Experts claim these are the beste board game for parties

Finding a good party game is not easy. There are so many that it is hard to choose, and beside that it is very hard to please everybody. Experts did some research and claim that there are some party games that satisfy everybody.

Just One – Asmodee

Five of the experts The Strategist spoke praised the game Just One. This little game, that only lasts for twenty minutes, is a great ‘between game’. ,, Hands down, Just One is our favorite new party game”, says one of them. ,,It’s simple to play, a breeze to teach, and utterly addictive.”

Telestrations – Blue Highway Games

This game is not very know by a lot of people, but very fun according to the experts. ,, This is my favorite party game when mixing kids and adults”, says one of the experts. It is a combination of Pictionary and telephone and is very family friendly. ,, It plays really quickly, has everyone laughing all of the time, and likely won’t provoke a single argument.”

Wits & Wagers – North Star Games

Who doesn’t like trivia games? Everybody want to proof they have a lot of knowledge, right? In the game Wits & Wagers you not only can score points with good answers, because it is just as important to make good bets. You need to guess what the answers of your friends are.

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