Review MourneQuest

Game: MourneQuest
Publisher: Backspindle Games
Artist: John Farrelly, Alan H. Perry
Design: Leonard Boyd, David Drashaw
Year: 2019
Players: 1-4

In the board game MourneQuest, based on the Irish novel MourneQuest by Garry McElherron, you are one (in a solo game two) of the characters. Try to battle the BogBeans while you collect the resources that prevent the four nightmares to come into the game. But when you don’t succeed, you have to battle the nightmares to save the Kingdom of Mourne.

🔥 Review

When I saw this game for the first time, I was immediately impressed. The box itself looks absolutely beautiful. Because of the black the image on the front really pops out. I just wanted to open the box to see what’s inside. Also the inside didn’t disappoint me! At first there are some amazing miniatures that really gives this game an expensive feeling and I noticed that the characters come so much more alive because of the miniatures.
The gameplay isn’t that new. It is a coöperatieve game and with a roll of the dice you controle the BogBeans and Nightmares. But despite that, I think there is so much creativity in this game. I love the moonphases that gives the BogBeans and Nightmares their powers.
I think that this will be a game that I’m going to play a lot. Especially solo, because it is truly a magical game.



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