Review Block Happy

Game: Block Happy
Designers: Sam Armes, John Ward
Publisher: self published
Year: 2020

Block Happy is a strategic cart game. There are 70 cards and each has an emotion and an action. The objective of the game is to collect Happy cards. Off course you need to make sure your opponents doesn’t get those cards. Whoever collects the Happy cards first, is the winner!

🔥 review
I played this game with 2 players and once with three players. Both of the times I really enjoyed it. The cards look fun, the rules are clear and each card says what special power it has. It’s great that there are many ways to get new cards, so everyone can have a different strategy. In the two player game, luck was a big factor but with more players strategy gets more important.

Getting curious? Block Happy is live on Kickstarter on the 15th of October!

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