Review The Brexit Game

Game: The Brexit Game
Designer: Patch
Year: 2019

Form a cabinet

In the Brexit card game you try what politicians can’t: form a cabinet. Try to form a cabinet with extremely high points of extremely low points. Everything in between would not be a successful cabinet. Meanwhile other players try to stop you to form a cabinet and sometimes a surprise card appear and everyone need to adjust their plans.

🔥 Review

The card game looks really funny. Especially when you are British or you follow the Brexit in the news, this game would have your interested. The rules are easy to learn and the game can take up to an hour. I liked this game, because it is so easy. But Ialso think it is not perfectly balanced because we would play a long time and their was no end in sight. I also wonder for how long this game is fun, because a lot will change within one year.
Score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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