Review Western Empires

Game: Western Empires
Publisher: @999games
Designers: Flo de Haan (@flodehaan ), Gerart de Haan, John Rodriquez, Francis Treshman.
Artist: Franz Vohwinkel
Players: 5 – 9
Time: 2 – 13 HOURS!
Western Empires covers the development of an ancient civilization. Expand your empire and travel through the Stone Age , Bronze Age and Iron Age. It looks like a war game, but it’s not. Western Empires is about history, trade and development.


This game is impressive. The board is GIGANTIC and it is clear that the designers have put a lot of thought in this game. I didn’t play the full version, but the six hour version and the two hour game. They play vey smoothly and the game really feels well balanced. Indeed this game doesn’t feel like a war game, it is way more about building something up.
Off course this game is not perfect, and for me that all has to do with the practicality. First of all you need a table that is big enough for the board. Gather 5 people who wants to play. And then you need the time to play for hours and hours. But when you have all that, I guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time. .
⭐️Score: 8.5/🔟

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