Article Dutch newspaper

Altough I’m writing about board game for only 5 months, I noticed that a lot of people want my opinion about a specific game or board games in general. I am really proud to say that I’ve been interviewed by the Dutch newspaper NRC Next about board games.

The article

The piece in the newspaper is about the growing popularity of Board Games. The journalist went to board game nights and asked the players why board games are so fun. She also asked a publisher if they noticed that more people are interested in board games and if they sell more. They noticed that people consume a lot more board games than before, because people play a game less times before they buy a new one.

The journalist asked me when a board game is a good game. What qualities does a game need to have?


Translation: ,,What makes a game great? Game reviewer Tanja Brouwer (25) has her own thoughts about that. Since last summer she reviews board games on Instagram. She says it it important that there are different ways of winning a game and that it is nice when you can beat a player in the last moment. You don’t want to play a game when you know an hour before the end that you’re going to lose, like Monopoly. She also thinks it is important that a player stays focused and involved when it is not their turn. You see that interaction aspect in Ludo.

For all the Dutch and Belgian people. You can read the whole article here.

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