Review: Mafia Crime Scene

Game: Mafia: crime scene
Publisher: Mafia World Game @mafia_world_game
Year: 2019 (now on Kickstarter)
Players: 7 – 20
Mafia: Crime scene is a social deduction game where players can be mafia, a citizen or another character that has special powers. The goal of the game is to discover the true identity of the players and to make sure the mafia don’t kill all the innocent people.


Everyone who knows the game Werewolves of Millers Hollow can play this game within minutes. The rules are almost the same and the basic goal of the game is also not different. The special characters however do have different powers, therefore every game of Maffia is different. The cards are plasticised so that’s perfect for a party game. The box is really nice to because it closes with a magnetic strip.
⭐️Score: 7.5/🔟

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