Widget Ridge – Review

Game: Widget Ridge
Publisher: Furious Tree Games
Designer: Ian Taylor
Artist: Matt Burton
Players: 1-2
Time: 45 minutes
In Widget Ridge players (or just one player) take turns to generate gold and making spark. It is a traditional deck-building game with a steampunk theme and grazy inventions. Players can change the rules while playing and take that opportunity to win after all.

🔥 Review

The steampunk theme is really cool. I don’t know a lot of games with that theme. The cards are beautiful and really ‘steampunky’. The game itself plays well and is challenging enough for me. The game starts a little slow but will get faster later. There are some ‘story packs’ for sale for people who like games with a little more of a background story. I can notice that this game is originally made for 2 players. A solo play is not bad, but I think the duel is more dynamic.
⭐Score: 7.5/🔟

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