Review Overbooked

Game: Overbooked
Publisher: Jumbo
Designer: Daryl Chow
Players: 1-4
Time: 20/40 minutes
You work at an airline and they need your management skills. Satisfy each passenger and fulfill there wishes. Maybe they want to sit at a window seat, next to there lover or with there friends. Seat the passenger in the plane without kicking another one out. Luckily you have some food vouchers that will help you with your task.
Review🔥: Overbooked is a puzzel game that’s not so easy as it looks. Solo play is great, as much as multiplayer (and those games are rare). All components are made out of cardbox and have fun illustration on them. Rules are clear in 5 minutes. I think the game is not so easy, even for adults. I wonder if smaller children (-10) will manage to get the passengers a seat without kicking to many people out of the plane. I also think there could be a little more player interaction. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes tile placement and puzzle games. .
⭐Score: 7️⃣.5️⃣/🔟

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