Looking back on SpielDigital 2020

One of the many disappointments in 2020 was Spiel being cancelled. Offcourse I understand it and I think it was the only option, but i was a little sad. Soon they announced that there was going te be a Digital Spiel, and like many of you I didn’t know what to expect….


Last weekend I was browsing on the SpielDigital website, I joined some live events and even played a BIG part in a live event. It was fun and I really had a good time. I think the publishers and the designers did everything they could to make it a great event and to promote their games. The team of SPIEL did an amazing job trying to give the people at home a SPIEL-experience.

Not the same….

But…lets be honest. When there is a real SPIEL-event, I get exited weeks before and it is my favorite weekend of the entire year. Everyone I get to talk to is so nice and the whole board game community really show how great it is. Online just isn’t the same. The spontaneity is gone, everything was a little forced and buying games online is less fun than buying a game from a designer in real life.

Let’s hope that SPIEL is back in Essen in 2021, and that SpielDigital was a one time thing. But if it’s not: next time I will be behind my laptop again.

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