Review: Catch Don Falconi

Game: Catch Don Falconi
Designers: Vasco Estermann, Stephan Mosole
Artist: Felice Bruno
Players: 2-4
Time: 15-30 min
Age: 6+
The notorious mafiosi Don Falconi escapes again from prison, where he is held for illegal distribution of his ‘chili-boost’ sauce in his pizza restaurants chain. The police is alarmed and tries to catch him, before he can flee the city. The game has 5 different playing levels from ‘easy’ to ‘diabolic’.By laying street cards, the street network of the city is build up and as the route of Don Falconi crosses with the routes of the police officers, the police might get blocked in the chase or manage to catch Don Falconi. If Don Falconi reaches an escape card, he wins the game!
In this game players form two teams: 3 players are the police and one is Don Falconi. I like that the police can win together, but also individual. So there’s not only a competition between the police and the maffia. The different levels of the game are named after pizza’s, very funny! The easy levels are a bit to much luck based for me, but the more difficult offer some strategic thinking. The artwork is fine, not overwhelmingly good. All with all a great family game suitable for kids and adults!

Link to go to Kickstarter:

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