Review: My Little Scythe

ame: My little Scythe
Publisher: Stonemaier Games
Designer: Hoby Chou, Vienna Chou
Artist: Noah Adelman, Katie Khau
Players: 1-6
Time: 45-60 min
Age: 8+

About the game

Each player controls two animal miniatures that are going on an adventure. Be the first one to win 4 trophies out of the 8 categories by increasing your friendship score, pie score and power up your actions. Scythe player might recognize some of the game mechanisms but then in a very simplified way.

My opinion

The little miniatures are so incredibly cute! The board looks fun with al the colours and the components are made from materials that will last a long time. The game itself plays smooth, but it is kind of short. I think that’s perfect for kids, because they can’t concentrate that long, but for me it was a little bit to quick. I think this is a great game to get your kids exited for more difficult board games and learn them basic game mechanisms.



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