Review: My Little Scythe

ame: My little Scythe
Publisher: Stonemaier Games
Designer: Hoby Chou, Vienna Chou
Artist: Noah Adelman, Katie Khau
Players: 1-6
Time: 45-60 min
Age: 8+

About the game

Each player controls two animal miniatures that are going on an adventure. Be the first one to win 4 trophies out of the 8 categories by increasing your friendship score, pie score and power up your actions. Scythe player might recognize some of the game mechanisms but then in a very simplified way.

My opinion

The little miniatures are so incredibly cute! The board looks fun with al the colours and the components are made from materials that will last a long time. The game itself plays smooth, but it is kind of short. I think that’s perfect for kids, because they can’t concentrate that long, but for me it was a little bit to quick. I think this is a great game to get your kids exited for more difficult board games and learn them basic game mechanisms.



Review: Catch Don Falconi

Game: Catch Don Falconi
Designers: Vasco Estermann, Stephan Mosole
Artist: Felice Bruno
Players: 2-4
Time: 15-30 min
Age: 6+
The notorious mafiosi Don Falconi escapes again from prison, where he is held for illegal distribution of his ‘chili-boost’ sauce in his pizza restaurants chain. The police is alarmed and tries to catch him, before he can flee the city. The game has 5 different playing levels from ‘easy’ to ‘diabolic’.By laying street cards, the street network of the city is build up and as the route of Don Falconi crosses with the routes of the police officers, the police might get blocked in the chase or manage to catch Don Falconi. If Don Falconi reaches an escape card, he wins the game!
In this game players form two teams: 3 players are the police and one is Don Falconi. I like that the police can win together, but also individual. So there’s not only a competition between the police and the maffia. The different levels of the game are named after pizza’s, very funny! The easy levels are a bit to much luck based for me, but the more difficult offer some strategic thinking. The artwork is fine, not overwhelmingly good. All with all a great family game suitable for kids and adults!

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Looking back on SpielDigital 2020

One of the many disappointments in 2020 was Spiel being cancelled. Offcourse I understand it and I think it was the only option, but i was a little sad. Soon they announced that there was going te be a Digital Spiel, and like many of you I didn’t know what to expect….


Last weekend I was browsing on the SpielDigital website, I joined some live events and even played a BIG part in a live event. It was fun and I really had a good time. I think the publishers and the designers did everything they could to make it a great event and to promote their games. The team of SPIEL did an amazing job trying to give the people at home a SPIEL-experience.

Not the same….

But…lets be honest. When there is a real SPIEL-event, I get exited weeks before and it is my favorite weekend of the entire year. Everyone I get to talk to is so nice and the whole board game community really show how great it is. Online just isn’t the same. The spontaneity is gone, everything was a little forced and buying games online is less fun than buying a game from a designer in real life.

Let’s hope that SPIEL is back in Essen in 2021, and that SpielDigital was a one time thing. But if it’s not: next time I will be behind my laptop again.

Review It’s a wonderful world

Game: it’s a wonderful world
Publisher: Geronimo
Designer: Frédéric Guérard
Artist: Anthony Wolff
Players: 1-5
Time: 45 min
In It’s a wonderful world each round players will draft 7 (or 10 in a 2p game) cards and then choose which ones will be recycled to immediately acquire Resources, and which ones will be kept for construction to produce Resources each round and/or gain victory points.
🔥This game is a cards drafting and engine building game. Although it seems like this is just another game with no special mechanisms, there are some cool things that can really hurt your brain. The order in which you construct buildings is crucial. Also drafting your set of cards is a little bit more complicated than in most games.
But offcourse this game isn’t perfect.
I really like the artwork, but I think the theme doesn’t really come out in this game. It could be any theme and still work!
All with all I think this game will be played more often at my house, and I can recommend it to anyone who loves engine building games.

Review Overbooked

Game: Overbooked
Publisher: Jumbo
Designer: Daryl Chow
Players: 1-4
Time: 20/40 minutes
You work at an airline and they need your management skills. Satisfy each passenger and fulfill there wishes. Maybe they want to sit at a window seat, next to there lover or with there friends. Seat the passenger in the plane without kicking another one out. Luckily you have some food vouchers that will help you with your task.
Review🔥: Overbooked is a puzzel game that’s not so easy as it looks. Solo play is great, as much as multiplayer (and those games are rare). All components are made out of cardbox and have fun illustration on them. Rules are clear in 5 minutes. I think the game is not so easy, even for adults. I wonder if smaller children (-10) will manage to get the passengers a seat without kicking to many people out of the plane. I also think there could be a little more player interaction. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes tile placement and puzzle games. .
⭐Score: 7️⃣.5️⃣/🔟

Review Jurrasic World

Game: Jurrasic World
Publisher: Just Games
Players: 2-6
Time: 50 minutes
You and your colleagues are trying to run a dinosaur theme park. But that can be dangerous! Try to win enough entertainment points and keep the visitors happy, but watch out for the dinosaur’s that escape!
🔥 This co-operative game feels a bit like a video game. You really build up a new theme park. Each players has a different strategy’s that fits hits role but good communication is key in this game. Great for kids but also for adults. Great replayability because of the different difficulties and different roles!

Hello WWW, Facebook and Youtube

When I started my Board game journey, I focused only on Instagram. But now I am also more active on my website, on Facebook and planning to upload video’s on Youtube. Why? Well, the algorithm on Instagram changes all the time and i reach less and less people. I also want to make different content that will do better on Facebook, my website or Youtube.

So, don’t be shy and follow me on Facebook, check out my Youtube video’s (Boardgame_review_tanja) and make sure you come to this website often! Off course I also will be active on Instagram.

Review of Slide Quest

Game: Slide Quest
Publisher: Blue Orange
Designer: Bourgoin, Rochas
Artist: Escapa
Players: 1-4
Time: 15-45 minutes

Don’t fail!

In slide quest a little knight needs to survive an adventure full of traps and dynamite. Players need to work together and try to slide the knight over the board and avoid the traps. Don’t fail to much, because the knight only has a few lives!


Do you know the old school labyrinth game where a ball needs to go in a little hole? Well, the makers of Slide Quest upgraded that game and brought it to 2019. I am a really big fan of this game. It is so simple that kids from 5 years and up will understand it and grandparents can play it too. Players will get annoyed, but that makes the victory even greater. Although I’m a big fan, I do see a couple of problems. I think that the replayability isn’t that high, because when you succeed all levels, why would you do it again? I also think that because there is only one way to win, this is a game that you play for 15 minutes and then put it away for a while.
⭐Score: 7️⃣/🔟

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Widget Ridge – Review

Game: Widget Ridge
Publisher: Furious Tree Games
Designer: Ian Taylor
Artist: Matt Burton
Players: 1-2
Time: 45 minutes
In Widget Ridge players (or just one player) take turns to generate gold and making spark. It is a traditional deck-building game with a steampunk theme and grazy inventions. Players can change the rules while playing and take that opportunity to win after all.

🔥 Review

The steampunk theme is really cool. I don’t know a lot of games with that theme. The cards are beautiful and really ‘steampunky’. The game itself plays well and is challenging enough for me. The game starts a little slow but will get faster later. There are some ‘story packs’ for sale for people who like games with a little more of a background story. I can notice that this game is originally made for 2 players. A solo play is not bad, but I think the duel is more dynamic.
⭐Score: 7.5/🔟

Undaunted Normandy – Review

Game: Undaunted: Normandy
Publisher: Osprey Games
Designer: Benjamin, Thompson
Players: 2
Time: 45 – 60 minutes

Undaunted: Normandy is a deck-building game. You and your opponent are dropped in Normandy and need to fight each other in missions. Use cards to bolster your forces, control your troops and take initiative.

Review of the game undaunted Normandy.


It took us some time to figure all the rules out, and we needed to play a view missions to really understand the tactics off this game. But when we understood it, we really liked it. The cards look really nice, but I think some other components are a bit vulnerable. A great wargame that is appropriate for younger players and for beginners, but is also fun for the more experienced board gamer.



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