Review of Sagrada

Game: Sagrada
Publisher: floodgate Games
Artist: Peter Wocken
Year: 2017
Players: 1-4 
Time: 30-45 min

The game Sagrada is about La Sagrada Familia, the famous church in Barcelona. You have to finish the glass windows, and you have to do that with dice. There are 90 colored translucent dice in five colors: blue, purple, yellow, green and red. You have to put the dice in window, but off course there are some rules and restriction. Like you can’t put two dice with the same number or color next to each other but there are also a couple of other rules depending on which card you chose.

🔥review: I really like to puzzle, so this game was made for me. The great thing is that there are so many different cards that every game is different. There are also a couple of ways to score points so you need to lay strategic. Off course there are also negative points about this game. What I don’t like is that there is almost no interaction between the players, so the solo game is almost the same as the game played by more players.

Score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Game: Friday
Publisher: 999 Games
Artist: Friedemann Friese, Harals Lieske, Marcel-André Casasola Merkle
Players: 1
Time: 25 min

This solo-game Friday, is about Robinson who need to survive on an island. He needs to concur various dangers. In the beginning Robinson is weak, but the dangers are also not that strong. Every round the dangers become bigger, and you need to overcome them. In the end, you have to fight against two pirates.

🔥review: I always like a solo-game, cause I don’t always have someone around who wants to play. Friday looks beautiful, and the whole theme is really well done. In the beginning this game seems a little complicated, but when you’ve played it a couple of times you really get the hang of it. And the beautiful part is: it is really not easy to win!

Score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The game pick-O-mino (in Dutch Regenwormen and German Heckmeck) is a game where you need to throw dices and collect tiles with earthworms on them. You can pick them from the row of tiles but also steal them from your component. But if you don’t throw any earthworms, then you lose a tile you already have. With the expansion set some of the tiles have a special meaning when a meeple is on them.

🔥review: the best thing about this game is the stealing part. You have to think and calculate what the smartest move is and keep an eye on your components. I’ve played this game at least 30 times and I never got bored of it, and now that I have the expansion set, it’s even more fun. When I have to say one thing I didn’t like, it would be that it is really hard to win when your behind, so sometimes you already know that you’re going to lose in The middle of the game.

Score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Story telling Board Games

What is a story Telling Board Game?

In these types of games players need to make up a story for the other players. This can involve some role playing, but in some games one word is enough.

Most of the time, story telling board games don’t have any dice with numbers. Sometimes they have dice with images on them and players have to use those images in their story.

Famous Story Telling Board Games

One of the most popular Story Telling Games is Dixit. In this game players have to guess which card there opponents placed on the table based on one word or sentence from that players. A great game for families but also for a group that is trying to get to know each other.

Roll and Write games

What are Roll and Write games?

Roll and Write games are usually small games that involve throwing dice and writing down the results/score. The rules are most of the time very simple and the games takes no longer than 30 minutes. Therefore this types of games are perfect for children or when you’re traveling.

A lot of Roll and Write games have a solo variation where you need to defeat your previous high score.

Famous Roll and Write games

By far the most popular game in this genre is Yahtzee. When you play a lot of these games, you will notice that every single one of them has some element that Yahtzee also have.
Modern popular roll and Write games are Qwixx, Clever, Qwinto and Railroad Ink.

Hidden Traitor Games

What is a Hidden Traitor Game?

In these type of games, usually played in a big group, all players are dived in two groups: a big group and a small group. The small group consists most of the times just 2 or 3 players, while the big group can have more than ten players. The small group is playing against the big group.

Most of the time, a hidden traitor game is also a party game because you have to play it in a bigger group. In a lot of Hidden Traitor Games players have to discover each others secret identity to win the game.

Famous Hidden Traitor Games

A couple of popular games in these genre are Werewolf and Secret Hitlers. In both games players have to discover the identity of the other players and seek for the werewolfs and Hitlers. Other games are The Resistance and Shadows over Camelot.

Legacy Board Games

What is a Legacy Board Game?

A Legacy Board Game is a special kind of game because the game is designed to change permanently while playing. During the game, that usually takes more sessions to finish, you have to change the board to play.

The game is played with the same players over a couple of sessions. The game changes not only by looks, but also the rules can change during the game. You have to place stickers on the board, write things on cards or even destroy some of the game pieces.

Off course the down point of this all is that when you’ve played this game, you can throw it away. Therefore, some game designers made en refill pack so you can play it again. Some games also do have game boards that you can flip over to the other side to play it again.

Famous Legacy Board Games

One of the recent most popular legacy games is Charterstone. In this game you have to build a village and populate it. The game begins simple, but after a couple of sessions it will get more complicated. In total Charterstone takes up 12 sessions to play. The great thing about this game is after you finished the legacy play, the game becomes a worker placement game that can be played over and over.

A lot of famous board games have a legacy variant. Like Pandemic, Terraforming Mars and Risk.


What are Eurogames?

A Eurogame, also know as German-style board game, is a tabletop game that generally has no conflict or war elements. The have indirect player interaction and require planning.

Most of the time these games are easy to learn and can be played in under an hour. Every player will stay in the game for the whole time, unlike for example Monopoly where a player with no money left will be eliminated.

An other characteristic of these games is that there a more ways that can lead to victory. There are many tactics that players can use to gain the most points.

Famous Eurogames

By far the most popular Eurogame is The Settlers of Catan. The game was published in 1995 and become more famous than every other Eurogame. After that game the genre became more popular and other games like Carcasonne, Puerto Rico en Ticket to Ride came on the market.

Abstract Board games

What is an abstract board game?

In an abstract board game, strategy is more important than the theme of the game. Some times those types of games don’t have a theme. The experience of playing, strategy and tactics are more important than the story.

A lot of abstract board games are a bit like a puzzle. You need to connect game pieces to each other and have to figure out what is the best move, and what is logical. Therefore a lot of abstract board games can be played by adults but also by children. The game is easy to play and to explain en everybody can play on there own level.

A luck element is often missing from an abstract board game. There is no dice and often no cards and no hidden information.

Famous abstract board games

Some of the first board games are abstract board games. Games like chess, Go, and checkers are all abstracts. These days abstract board games are still very popular. A recent board game is Qwirkle, that has been sold all over the world.

Engine Building

What is Engine Building?

In a Engine Building board game, you build up a system during the game. With that system you can generate resources, money and victory points. In the beginning of the game you gain point more slowly, but as the game goes on you collection points faster.

Engine Building games are very strategic, and you only will win when you have a good plan.

Famous Engine Building Games

One of the most famous engine building games is Scythe. In this game, that is categorized as an worker placement game, players need to collect resources, build up structures and gain new villagers.
Other populair Engine Building games are 7 Wonders, Puerto Rico, Agricola, Splender and Imperial Settlers.