Story telling Board Games

What is a story Telling Board Game? In these types of games players need to make up a story for the other players. This can involve some role playing, but in some games one word is enough. Most of the time, story telling board games don’t have any dice with numbers. Sometimes they have diceContinue reading “Story telling Board Games”

Roll and Write games

What are Roll and Write games? Roll and Write games are usually small games that involve throwing dice and writing down the results/score. The rules are most of the time very simple and the games takes no longer than 30 minutes. Therefore this types of games are perfect for children or when you’re traveling. AContinue reading “Roll and Write games”

Hidden Traitor Games

What is a Hidden Traitor Game? In these type of games, usually played in a big group, all players are dived in two groups: a big group and a small group. The small group consists most of the times just 2 or 3 players, while the big group can have more than ten players. TheContinue reading “Hidden Traitor Games”

Legacy Board Games

What is a Legacy Board Game? A Legacy Board Game is a special kind of game because the game is designed to change permanently while playing. During the game, that usually takes more sessions to finish, you have to change the board to play. The game is played with the same players over a coupleContinue reading “Legacy Board Games”


What are Eurogames? A Eurogame, also know as German-style board game, is a tabletop game that generally has no conflict or war elements. The have indirect player interaction and require planning. Most of the time these games are easy to learn and can be played in under an hour. Every player will stay in theContinue reading “Eurogames”

Abstract Board games

What is an abstract board game? In an abstract board game, strategy is more important than the theme of the game. Some times those types of games don’t have a theme. The experience of playing, strategy and tactics are more important than the story. A lot of abstract board games are a bit like aContinue reading “Abstract Board games”

Engine Building

What is Engine Building? In a Engine Building board game, you build up a system during the game. With that system you can generate resources, money and victory points. In the beginning of the game you gain point more slowly, but as the game goes on you collection points faster. Engine Building games are veryContinue reading “Engine Building”

Cooperative board games

What are cooperative board games? In these type of board games you don’t play against but with your friends! You win or lose as a team. You have to work together to achieve a goal. These types of games are perfect to play with people who don’t play board games that much, because you canContinue reading “Cooperative board games”