Game: FridayPublisher: 999 GamesArtist: Friedemann Friese, Harals Lieske, Marcel-André Casasola MerklePlayers: 1 Time: 25 min This solo-game Friday, is about Robinson who need to survive on an island. He needs to concur various dangers. In the beginning Robinson is weak, but the dangers are also not that strong. Every round the dangers become bigger, andContinue reading “Friday”

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Game: Flash Point: Fire Rescue Publisher: Indie Boards & CardsYear: 2009Players: 1 – 6Time: 45 min This game isn’t about building a city or civilization, like so many games. Flash Point has a really unique theme: fire. In Flash Point you are a firefighter who needs to rescue victims out of the building. Smoke, fireContinue reading “Flash Point: Fire Rescue”


Name: QwixxPublisher: white goblin gamesPlayers: 2 to 5Time: 20 min In the Roll and Write game Qwixx you have to roll the dice and mark the numbers of your card. But you are only aloud to mark the numbers from left to right, so you can’t go back. 🔥Review: I only have Qwixx for twoContinue reading “Qwixx”

Tiny Epic Zombies

Game: Tiny Epic ZombiesPublisher: Gamelyn GamesYear: 2018Players: 1-5Time: 30-45 min In Tiny Epic Zombies you need to kill zombies with your weapons, carried by the ITEMeeples. Meanwhile you have to solve three tasks to win, but you also have to pay attention to the growing number off Zombies in the mall! 🔥I absolutely love thisContinue reading “Tiny Epic Zombies”


Game: NMBR 9 Publisher: 999GamesArtist: Peter WichmannYear: 2017Players: 1-2Time: 20 min NMRB9 is puzzle game that also can be played by one player. It is like Tetris. Who builds the most floors en wins the most points? 🔥review: it’s an nice game, but it hasn’t a lot of depth. No theme, characters or strategy isContinue reading “NMBR 9”