Hello WWW, Facebook and Youtube

When I started my Board game journey, I focused only on Instagram. But now I am also more active on my website, on Facebook and planning to upload video’s on Youtube. Why? Well, the algorithm on Instagram changes all the time and i reach less and less people. I also want to make different contentContinue reading “Hello WWW, Facebook and Youtube”

Small Samurai Empires on Kickstarter

The boardgame Small Samurai Empires from Archona Games is now on Kickstarter! It is an area-control board game for 2 – 4 players. Japan The game is based in Japan and the players need to lead their Samurai to glory in this action-programming, area-control game. Recruit samurai armies, conquer provinces and build castles to defendContinue reading “Small Samurai Empires on Kickstarter”

Throwback to Spiel 19!

So, I went to Spiel for the first time in my life. I didn’t know what to expect; I heard so many good thing about it but also that it was massive. Well, it was massive, but also awesome! I will show you all the games I brought home with me. Publishers Before I wentContinue reading “Throwback to Spiel 19!”

Playing Board Games reduces the change of developing Alzheimer

Playing Board Games is not only fun, but also very healthy! Some scientists discoverd that playing games stimulates the brain, and especially the areas that are responsible for complex thought en memories. When your husband/wife/friend don’t want to play another board game you can always tell them that they need to play for their healthContinue reading “Playing Board Games reduces the change of developing Alzheimer”

Experts claim these are the beste board game for parties

Finding a good party game is not easy. There are so many that it is hard to choose, and beside that it is very hard to please everybody. Experts did some research and claim that there are some party games that satisfy everybody. Just One – Asmodee Five of the experts The Strategist spoke praisedContinue reading “Experts claim these are the beste board game for parties”

The most popular board games on Kickstarter ever

Thousands of board gamers have supported one or more board game designers on Instagram and a lot of fantastic game exist because of Kickstarter. These are the most populair games funded on Kickstarter ever. Most designers just need a couple of thousand dollars to make the game reality. A lot of them succeed, but thereContinue reading “The most popular board games on Kickstarter ever”

Academics are making a board game about marriage

On a Scottish university academics are making a board game about marriage. They hope that people will understand marriage, and all legal aspects of that beter after playing the game. Legally Legally Wed, that’s the name of the game. Players will plan a wedding and need to be the first up the aisle to winContinue reading “Academics are making a board game about marriage”

New Monopoly game empowers women

In the new Monopoly game, called Ms. Monopoly, female players are getting more money at the beginning of the game and also getting more money when they pass ‘go’ than male players. Fare? Not really. Necessary? Maybe… Reversed Roles “A fun new take on the game that creates a world where women have an advantageContinue reading “New Monopoly game empowers women”