Review: My Little Scythe

ame: My little ScythePublisher: Stonemaier GamesDesigner: Hoby Chou, Vienna ChouArtist: Noah Adelman, Katie KhauPlayers: 1-6Time: 45-60 minAge: 8+ About the game Each player controls two animal miniatures that are going on an adventure. Be the first one to win 4 trophies out of the 8 categories by increasing your friendship score, pie score and powerContinue reading “Review: My Little Scythe”

Review of Wingspan

Game: WingspanPublisher: Stonemaier GamesArtist: Anna Martinez Jaramillo, Natalia Rojas, Beth SobelYear: 2019Players: 1-5Time: 40-70 min In the game wingspan you are a bird enthusiast. You try to collect as many birds, and some of the birds have special ability’s. There for, during the four rounds of the game, you build up a system of birdsContinue reading “Review of Wingspan”