Review: My Little Scythe

ame: My little ScythePublisher: Stonemaier GamesDesigner: Hoby Chou, Vienna ChouArtist: Noah Adelman, Katie KhauPlayers: 1-6Time: 45-60 minAge: 8+ About the game Each player controls two animal miniatures that are going on an adventure. Be the first one to win 4 trophies out of the 8 categories by increasing your friendship score, pie score and powerContinue reading “Review: My Little Scythe”

Review Jurrasic World

Game: Jurrasic WorldPublisher: Just GamesPlayers: 2-6Time: 50 minutes.You and your colleagues are trying to run a dinosaur theme park. But that can be dangerous! Try to win enough entertainment points and keep the visitors happy, but watch out for the dinosaur’s that escape!.🔥 This co-operative game feels a bit like a video game. You reallyContinue reading “Review Jurrasic World”

Hello WWW, Facebook and Youtube

When I started my Board game journey, I focused only on Instagram. But now I am also more active on my website, on Facebook and planning to upload video’s on Youtube. Why? Well, the algorithm on Instagram changes all the time and i reach less and less people. I also want to make different contentContinue reading “Hello WWW, Facebook and Youtube”

Aftermath – review

Game: AftermathPublisher: plaid hat gamesDesigner: Jerry HawthorneArtist: Tregis, Jimmy Xia.In this adventure blok game players take on the role of a mice, hamster or guinea pig. They need to survive in a world where humans no longer take care for them. Discover the world outside with one of the 20+ story-driven missions and side missions.Continue reading “Aftermath – review”

Review of Soy What?!

Game: Soy what?!Publisher: Hannes GreschitzDesigner: ’’ ‘’Players: 2-6Time: 30 minutes Soy what?! is a card game full of delicious food, vegan product, allergies and food puns. Each player needs to collect meals, but not more than three. Those meals need to fit your diet. That means that if your role is vegan, only the greenContinue reading “Review of Soy What?!”

Review Board Royale – The Island –

Game: Board Royale – The Island – Year: 2019Publisher: Arvis GamesDesigner: Atakan Cankorur, Tuna PamirArtist: Ali Yagiz KaniPlayers: 3 – 6Time: 30/45 minutes About the game Board Royale is a card survival game. Every player neet to survive on a deserted island. You need resources to buy items that help you to survive, or youContinue reading “Review Board Royale – The Island –”