Review of Soy What?!

Game: Soy what?!Publisher: Hannes GreschitzDesigner: ’’ ‘’Players: 2-6Time: 30 minutes Soy what?! is a card game full of delicious food, vegan product, allergies and food puns. Each player needs to collect meals, but not more than three. Those meals need to fit your diet. That means that if your role is vegan, only the greenContinue reading “Review of Soy What?!”

The most popular board games on Kickstarter ever

Thousands of board gamers have supported one or more board game designers on Instagram and a lot of fantastic game exist because of Kickstarter. These are the most populair games funded on Kickstarter ever. Most designers just need a couple of thousand dollars to make the game reality. A lot of them succeed, but thereContinue reading “The most popular board games on Kickstarter ever”

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Game: Flash Point: Fire Rescue Publisher: Indie Boards & CardsYear: 2009Players: 1 – 6Time: 45 min This game isn’t about building a city or civilization, like so many games. Flash Point has a really unique theme: fire. In Flash Point you are a firefighter who needs to rescue victims out of the building. Smoke, fireContinue reading “Flash Point: Fire Rescue”

Tiny Epic Zombies

Game: Tiny Epic ZombiesPublisher: Gamelyn GamesYear: 2018Players: 1-5Time: 30-45 min In Tiny Epic Zombies you need to kill zombies with your weapons, carried by the ITEMeeples. Meanwhile you have to solve three tasks to win, but you also have to pay attention to the growing number off Zombies in the mall! 🔥I absolutely love thisContinue reading “Tiny Epic Zombies”