Widget Ridge – Review

Game: Widget RidgePublisher: Furious Tree GamesDesigner: Ian TaylorArtist: Matt BurtonPlayers: 1-2Time: 45 minutes.In Widget Ridge players (or just one player) take turns to generate gold and making spark. It is a traditional deck-building game with a steampunk theme and grazy inventions. Players can change the rules while playing and take that opportunity to win afterContinue reading “Widget Ridge – Review”

Bossbatle Bunnies – review

Game: Bossbatle bunniesPlayers: 3-6Time: 15 minutes@bossbattlebunnies  Find loot, get cursed and fight monsters in this crazy card game full of bunnies. 18 artists have drawn cards for this card game, which is at the same time a normal deck of cards! đŸ”„Review Bossbattle bunnies is a fast and simple card game. Ideal for in theContinue reading “Bossbatle Bunnies – review”

Review Ax!om Arena Combat

Game: Ax!om Arena CombatPublisher: MegacosmDeveloper: Spencer SteevesYear: 2019Players: 2 Ax!om Arena Combat is a card combat game. Each player has three fighters in the Arena, a deck of cards and three health cards that represent the health of each fighter. The players need to play cards into the arena (some of the cards can onlyContinue reading “Review Ax!om Arena Combat”