Review Block Happy

Game: Block HappyDesigners: Sam Armes, John WardPublisher: self publishedYear: 2020 Block Happy is a strategic cart game. There are 70 cards and each has an emotion and an action. The objective of the game is to collect Happy cards. Off course you need to make sure your opponents doesn’t get those cards. Whoever collects theContinue reading “Review Block Happy”

Review of Sushi Go

Game: Sushi Go Publisher: White Goblin GamesYear: 2015Players: 2-5Time: 15 min In the card game Sushi Go you have to collect cards with a variation of Japanese sushi on them. Each card has a specifiek value and some of them only have value when you have more of them. The cards in your hand aren’tContinue reading “Review of Sushi Go”


The game pick-O-mino (in Dutch Regenwormen and German Heckmeck) is a game where you need to throw dices and collect tiles with earthworms on them. You can pick them from the row of tiles but also steal them from your component. But if you don’t throw any earthworms, then you lose a tile you alreadyContinue reading “Pick-O-Mino/Heckmeck”


Name: QwixxPublisher: white goblin gamesPlayers: 2 to 5Time: 20 min In the Roll and Write game Qwixx you have to roll the dice and mark the numbers of your card. But you are only aloud to mark the numbers from left to right, so you can’t go back. 🔥Review: I only have Qwixx for twoContinue reading “Qwixx”