Review: Catch Don Falconi

Game: Catch Don FalconiDesigners: Vasco Estermann, Stephan MosoleArtist: Felice BrunoPlayers: 2-4Time: 15-30 minAge: 6+.The notorious mafiosi Don Falconi escapes again from prison, where he is held for illegal distribution of his ‘chili-boost’ sauce in his pizza restaurants chain. The police is alarmed and tries to catch him, before he can flee the city. The gameContinue reading “Review: Catch Don Falconi”

LVL3 – review

Game: LVL3Publisher: Critoxiplayers: 2-4Time: 30 minutes LVL3 is a strategy game where players need to place tiles in different shapes on the board. On the tiles are little figures in different colors. Try to place the tiles so that the figure with your player color touches another figure of your color. But when you don’tContinue reading “LVL3 – review”

Review Schnap!

Game: Schnap! GamePlayers: 2-8Time: 10-30 min.Schnap! Is a party game (18+) where drinking is unavoidable. Turn around the top card of your pile. If there are two cards on top with the same color, scream Schnap! as fast as possible. Now decide who gets to drink. 🔥 Review The game is explained within minutes. WhenContinue reading “Review Schnap!”

Small Samurai Empires on Kickstarter

The boardgame Small Samurai Empires from Archona Games is now on Kickstarter! It is an area-control board game for 2 – 4 players. Japan The game is based in Japan and the players need to lead their Samurai to glory in this action-programming, area-control game. Recruit samurai armies, conquer provinces and build castles to defendContinue reading “Small Samurai Empires on Kickstarter”

The most popular board games on Kickstarter ever

Thousands of board gamers have supported one or more board game designers on Instagram and a lot of fantastic game exist because of Kickstarter. These are the most populair games funded on Kickstarter ever. Most designers just need a couple of thousand dollars to make the game reality. A lot of them succeed, but thereContinue reading “The most popular board games on Kickstarter ever”