Review Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Game: Tiny Epic KingdomsPublisher: Gamelyn GamesDesigner: Scott AlmesYear: 2014Players: 1-5Time: 30-45 min Tiny Epic Kingdoms is a card game where you need to expand your own kingdom by placing cubes in the kingdoms of you opponents. Every faction has different advances. You can expand your kingdom by collecting resources, battling each other and learning someContinue reading “Review Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms”

Tiny Epic Zombies

In Tiny Epic Zombies you need to kill zombies with your weapons, carried by the ITEMeeples. Meanwhile you have to solve three tasks to win, but you also have to pay attention to the growing number off Zombies in the mall! 🔥I absolutely love this game. I have played it three times since yesterday andContinue reading “Tiny Epic Zombies”