Review of Wingspan

Game: WingspanPublisher: Stonemaier GamesArtist: Anna Martinez Jaramillo, Natalia Rojas, Beth SobelYear: 2019Players: 1-5Time: 40-70 min In the game wingspan you are a bird enthusiast. You try to collect as many birds, and some of the birds have special ability’s. There for, during the four rounds of the game, you build up a system of birdsContinue reading “Review of Wingspan”


The game pick-O-mino (in Dutch Regenwormen and German Heckmeck) is a game where you need to throw dices and collect tiles with earthworms on them. You can pick them from the row of tiles but also steal them from your component. But if you don’t throw any earthworms, then you lose a tile you alreadyContinue reading “Pick-O-Mino/Heckmeck”